We had only insured the farm for one month when the Northland Storms hit in July 07 demolishing our sheds and hay barns. The rural farm package implemented by Albany Insurance along with their prompt attentive service enabled me to rebuild my buildings and return to farming in a timely fashion.

Ken Westlake


Why use a Broker?
No one Insurer can cover you properly for every eventuality. Most people deal with a number of Insurers to provide for their wide ranging needs. This often means decisions are made on limited information contained in flash marketing material and advertisements. Many of us are also guilty of simply falling back on old Brand Loyalties. Just because you have always used the same company to handle your cars, doesn't mean they are still the best fit, or the right people to cover your Travel or Business Insurance requirements.

That's where a good Insurance Broker becomes the perfect solution. They will sift through countless insurance products, finding the perfect fit for each of your needs. The best part is you only need to deal with one company, no matter how complex or simple your changing insurance requirements.

What we can do for you
We are a leading independent Broking House based on Auckland's North Shore, with clients New Zealand wide and in Australia. You can rely on the team at Albany Insurance for sound insurance advice and assistance through the claims process, no matter how complex. Every time you call, you get to speak to a real person. We don't have any annoying 'helpdesk' people screening your call before you can talk to someone who can actually help.

  • We offer impartial, professional advice on risk exposure, focusing on your individual requirements.
  • We have expert knowledge in a huge range of insurance products from both large and specialist niche companies.
  • We provide pro-active long term thinking with management and periodic review of your complete insurance portfolio.
  • We can assist and manage your claims process, so it never becomes too complex or time consuming.
  • We can actually save you money. By tailoring cover to your individual requirements, you don't to pay for 'included' cover you will never actually need. We will also offer you discounted premiums as your Portfolio expands.

We cover it all
Check out our extensive range of insurance products. We've covered everything from simple household insurance, to more unusual risks, like the transport of animal semen! If you can't find what you are looking for, just call us.

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